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Introduction to Textracts

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Since the 2014 Farm Act opened up the possibilities of a market for non-intoxicating hemp, we have sold many different CBD products and companies. We saw the start at insane prices per milligram and fairly dilute concentrations, and seen how prices have (thankfully) dropped as more and more farms are taking a stake in Hemp, and better and better varieties are available. Over the past two years we've tried many many different varieties of hemp that existed on the market. With the first few, the product was definitely hemp, looked and smelled...vaguely of quality. Mostly there were earthy tastes, and a pretty harsh smoke to the dried flower, making it only really useful for isolate production.

Since then so many varieties have been made available to larger and larger numbers of farmers, and thus more and more people. The hemp we've sourced, and will use for all our full spectrum hemp products, all start with quality genetics.

The hemp we will bring to market will be properly dried and cured, meant to be smoked on it's own, and treated with the care you'd desire of something you are going to ingest.

All of our hemp is compliant to the federal standards of the 2014, and 2018 versions of the Federal Farming Act. The great thing about hemp, it is any variety, or part of the plant cannabis sativa that contains less that 0.3% Delta-9-THC. This is a very crucial part of the compliance of our hemp with federal law, as any and all cannabinoids, even one that could break down into Delta-9-THC (Like THCA) and isomers such as CBD and Delta-8-THC are explicitly legal under the 2018 Farming Act.

We will be providing a batch system that leads to the test results and state appropriate Department of Agriculture compliance testing for each batch of our hemp, generally provided by the growers. Over the course of time we will be sending off samples for our own third party testing.

All of our products will be free of pesticides, end of story. Many of our farmers use organic practices in their fields, and proudly provide the analytical data to back it up.

We look forward to providing you with many varieties this year, and are always looking to the future. So far, we plan to stock 7 2019 will be bringing CBG varietals into production quantities in hemp, and many more cannabinoids are just around the horizon.

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